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  • Comfortable 14″x14″ pad with patented, low-friction fabric protects the buttocks from blister-causing friction
  • Perfect for circle time on the floor at school, mealtime at home, and any extended period of sitting
  • Breathable GlideWear material and thin spacer fabric create the perfect combination for comfortable sitting
  • Designed to be portable, it features a handle for easy transporting at school or around the house
  • Flat, smooth seams are placed at the edges, away from high-risk areas
  • Machine washable and easy to care for
  • Created especially for children with epidermolysis bullosa
  • Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery

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The GlideWear Skin Protection Seat Pad was designed specifically for kids with epidermolysis bullosa (EB) with input from kids with EB, their parents, and healthcare providers. This pad features a low-friction zone across its surface, providing lasting skin protection.

The GlideWear fabric is made from a combination of nylon and spandex that’s breathable, comfortable, and feels good against the skin. The seat pad is made of GlideWear fabric attached to a thin spacer fabric, which creates comfortable sitting experience.

The seat pad is designed to be portable and go with your child wherever he or she goes. Each seat pad has a handle for easy transporting at school or around the house. It can also be hooked to a backpack with a carabiner.

The seat pad is perfect for any period of extended sitting, including:

  • Sitting on the floor during circle time at school
  • Eating meals at the table at home or school
  • Reading books and playing on the floor or in a chair
  • Sitting on a chair during the school day
  • Doing homework or craft projects at home
  • Riding in a stroller

If you have any questions about whether GlideWear Skin Protection Seat Pad is right for your child, call our clinical team at 763-795-0057 or email

What Parents of Kids with EB Are Saying

“The GlideWear clothes are working great. My daughter won’t take them off.” – Father of a daughter with epidermolysis bullosa

“Our son has started scooting around on his knees, something he could never do before he had GlideWear in the knees of his pants!” – Nina Schuppler, mother of a son with epidermolysis bullosa

“Using GlideWear garments for my daughter reduced bandages by approximately half, saving about $5,000/month. And because fewer bandages are needed, GlideWear clothes make kids with EB more comfortable — they can move more freely and wear fewer layers in hot climate.” – Gabriella McCann, mother of a daughter with epidermolysis bullosa

“GlideWear clothing has made a huge difference in our life and has helped our son tremendously. We are very thankful for that!” – Mother of a son with epidermolysis bullosa

“Besides GlideWear there is nothing out there to effectively reduce friction. The garments we used before are okay for bandage retaining, but not for friction reduction in case of trauma. GlideWear clothing was so important for our daughter.” – Mother of a daughter with epidermolysis bullosa

The History of GlideWear & EB

GlideWear is a patented, low-friction fabric technology that protects the skin from blister-causing friction. It’s a two-layer fabric that protects skin by gliding smoothly against itself and absorbing the harmful friction and shear that can damage skin. GlideWear is widely used in medical applications where skin is at risk for injury caused by friction and shear forces.

The GlideWear team’s work with kids with epidermolysis bullosa started in 2015 with one 4-year-old girl in Minnesota. Our clinical team designed custom clothes for her to protect her armpits, knees, elbows, and back from the harmful friction that causes blistering. Since then, we’ve made custom garments and support surface prototypes for other children with epidermolysis bullosa.

In early 2017, our team started working with a nationally renowned hospital to design custom products for their patients with epidermolysis bullosa. In July 2018 at the debra Care Conference, GlideWear launched its standard line of skin protection products for children with EB.

Product Instructions

The low-friction area on the pad protects the skin from friction and shear forces that contribute to blistering of EB skin. GlideWear is not indicated for application directly against open wounds. Consult your primary caregiver for wound treatment recommendations to accompany the use of this product.

The smooth, shiny (low-friction) side should face up and come into contact with the child.

The first time a child uses this pad, be aware of the slippery nature of the GlideWear low-friction zones. The low-friction zones may affect the way a child moves because the skin will not catch or pull.

WARNING: Do no leave child unattended. Use only as recommended. Not intended for use in car seats. Pads are not crash-tested in car seats, and may alter performance.

Machine wash and dry. Avoid contact with chlorine bleach and hook & loop fastener.

Tech Specs

86% Nylon / 14% Spandex / Spacer: 100% Polyester

Made in Minnesota, USA


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