Adhesive Callus & Ulcer Prevention


  • Applies directly to footwear, insoles, orthopedic braces, or athletic equipment – not against the skin
  • Patented technology provides weeks of skin protection
  • Easy peel & stick application
  • Ultra-thin PTFE film doesn’t add unwanted bulk to footwear


ShearBan’s patented ultra-low friction PTFE film with durable self-adhesive backing provides long-lasting protection from skin abrasion, blisters, calluses, and foot ulceration. ShearBan is ideal for patching troublesome areas of orthopedic braces, prosthetic sockets, footwear, insoles, athletic equipment, and more. Available in pre-cut patches and large sheets for custom trimming.

Target Rubbing at the Source

ShearBan works by reducing friction in specific, at-risk areas of footwear, insoles, medical and sports equipment to protect sensitive tissue from wound formation. And, because friction is not reduced in other areas of the body, stability is maintained.

ShearBan Works To:

  • Enhance patient comfort and extend their ability to walk, run, work, and play each day
  • Provide a greater margin of safety for individuals who are highly susceptible to skin breakdown; especially individuals with neuropathic foot conditions, amputations, or deformities
  • Maximize orthopedic support and correction beyond what’s possible with pressure offloading alone due to the reduction in tissue deformation where ShearBan is used
  • Prevent recurrence of skin breakdown, since ShearBan does not require re-application after initial placement. ShearBan lasts many months before replacement may be necessary.

Available in Two Convenient Purchase Options

  • 1.75″ x 2.75″ patches for easy installation by consumers wanting to “spot relieve” areas of irritation or skin breakdown
  • 8″ x 12″ sheets, ideal for custom trimming and installation

Product Instructions

  1. Trim sheet to desired patch size.
  2. Remove half of the patch from the backing, using the backing to create a tab.
  3. Apply adhesive side of ShearBan patch to desired location of clean, dry location.
    Tip: ShearBan may last longer when anchored to a surface. For example, wrapping patches around the edge/sides of the insole.
  4. Peel remaining backing away from patch.
    Tip: If blisters form at interface of footwear & insole, use two patches. One patch is placed on the footwear. The other patch is placed on the insole. A smooth interface is created.
  5. Press firmly around entire patch surface to secure.

Size Chart

Available in Two Convenient Purchase Options:
1.75″ x 2.75″ patches (Individually wrapped and sold 12 per box)

8″ x 12″ sheets

Tech Specs

  • Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) top surface
  • Pressure-sensitive adhesive backing
  • Non-sterile
  • Latex-free

Additional information

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ShearBan User Instructions

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ShearBan Flyer

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Skin Protection Solutions Catalog

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