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Wheelchair Users

If you’re a wheelchair user who has experienced pressure ulcers, discomfort, redness, or pain, GlideWear can help. Our products target problem areas like the tailbone, heels, ankles, or back of your head.

Friction and shear can wreak havoc on an individual’s skin from daily wheelchair use. GlideWear products are designed to help protect wheelchair users from pressure ulcers by absorbing shear forces between the dual layer fabric.

If you have issues with skin breakdown from wheelchair use, consider our GlideWear Shear Protection Undershorts, Wheelchair Cushion Cover, or Headrest Cover.

How Can GlideWear Help Me?

GlideWear uses a patented, dual-layer, low-friction fabric technology that provides immediate relief and lasting protection from discomfort and skin breakdown. It’s especially good for wheelchair users who experience pressure ulcers (also called bedsores) on their heels, ankles, buttocks, and tailbones. GlideWear also makes products for people who experience hair loss or soreness on the backs of their heads from where their heads rub against their wheelchair headrests or pillows.

How Does GlideWear Work?

The patented GlideWear technology protects skin by significantly reducing friction and shear, which are leading causes of skin breakdown.

GlideWear products have been prescribed and used by healthcare providers and patients since 2010 to prevent pressure ulcers in wheelchair seating applications. Since then, the GlideWear team has developed more revolutionary new products wheelchair users.

GlideWear products for wheelchair users include:


If you have specific questions about how to use GlideWear products or which products are right for you, please feel free to contact us at info@glidewear.com or call 763-795-0057 (866-795-0057 toll-free in the USA).