EB Pillowcase Contest Form | GlideWear

Enter to Win a GlideWear Skin Protection Pillowcase for EB!

You’ll automatically be entered to win a GlideWear Skin & Scalp Protection Pillowcase when you sign up for our email list by filling out the form below. Parents and healthcare providers of kids with epidermolysis bullosa are using the GlideWear Pillowcase at home and in hospitals.

GlideWear is an ultra-low-friction fabric that protects fragile skin from the friction that causes blisters. The GlideWear Skin & Scalp Protection Pillowcase will protect your child’s face, scalp, and ears from harmful friction and shear. Two winners will be randomly selected!

“GlideWear is a gamechanger for children with EB!”

— Mother of a child with epidermolysis bullosa