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GlideWear in Podiatry

Innovative Technology That Protects Feet at Risk for Ulcers & Injuries

GlideWear is a dual-layer fabric that glides smoothly against itself, absorbing friction and shear to protect skin from rubbing, calluses, ulcers, and skin breakdown.

Forefoot, Heel, Ankle & Midfoot Protection Socks

When integrated into socks, GlideWear technology significantly reduces friction and shear, and protects the heels, ankles, midfoot, and forefoot.

“I recommend GlideWear socks to at least five patients every day. Strategic friction reduction is a game changer for many patients with podiatric conditions that are not entirely alleviated by traditional treatments. Compliance is high since patients can tell right away that they are working. Conditions include hallux valgus, hammertoe, tailor’s bunion, metatarsalgia, forefoot calluses, Charcot arthropathy, accessory navicular, Haglund’s deformity, retrocalcaneal exostosis, neuropathic wounds, and decubitus wounds.”

Troy J. Boffeli, DPM, FACFAS
Department Chair and Residency Program Director
HealthPartners Medical Group and Regions Hospital, St. Paul, MN

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Improving the “Gold Standard” in Diabetic Foot Care


A GlideWear Low Friction Patch reduces friction and shear, protects skin & keeps dressings in place in the total contact cast

Some patients with diabetic foot ulcers (DFUs) don’t respond to the total contact cast. One reason is simple: shear. Shear happens when the top layer of skin is pulled one way and lower layers are pulled the opposite direction. Even when the foot is immobilized in a total contact cast (TCC), shear can occur, resulting in delayed healing or lack of improvement in DFUs.

“The GlideWear patch should be used in every TCC where the dressing has shifted or there are signs of friction/shear over bony prominences.”

Jan Chevrette, FNP-C, CWOCN, CFCN
HealthPartners Wound Ostomy Clinic, St. Paul, MN

When placed over wound dressings in the TCC, the GlideWear Low Friction Patch removes friction and shear and keeps dressings in place. The patch is easy to use, even for less experienced practitioners.

“Placement of a GlideWear Low Friction Patch directly over the patient’s wound dressing within a TCC protects the wound from deleterious friction and shear forces which could directly delay or impair the healing process.”

Dr. Mark Melin, Vascular Surgeon

GlideWear Features:

  • Targeted protection of at-risk areas (heel, ankle, midfoot, forefoot)
  • Ultra-low coefficient of friction
  • Clinically effective skin protection
  • FDA cleared Class I Medical Device
  • Patented, friction-reducing technology

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