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You want the best for your patients. So do we. Learn how GlideWear can help your patients with pressure ulcers, diabetic foot problems, hair loss, wounds, and skin trauma.

As a healthcare provider, you strive to find the best products and tools to help your patients. Whether you’re a wound care nurse, prosthetist, orthotist, podiatrist, or another type of healthcare provider, GlideWear offers innovative solutions to the common health problems your patients face.

What is GlideWear?

GlideWear is a patented, dual-layer, low-friction fabric technology that provides immediate relief and lasting protection from the friction and shear that can cause pressure ulcers, calluses, blisters, hair loss & scalp damage in wheelchair users, and other forms of skin tissue trauma.

GlideWear products have been used by healthcare providers and patients since 2010 to prevent the friction and shear that cause pressure ulcers in wheelchair seating applications. More recently, the GlideWear team has developed revolutionary new products for amputees, wheelchair users, individuals with neuropathic foot deformities and wounds, and in long-term care facilities.

How Does GlideWear Work?

The patented GlideWear technology protects skin by significantly reducing friction and shear, which are leading causes of skin breakdown.

Products featuring GlideWear technology include:

To find a list of distributors who sell to healthcare providers, search our Distributor Directory. You can also buy GlideWear products in the GlideWear Store and on Amazon.

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