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Add GlideWear, an innovative performance textile, to your products to reduce the friction and shear that cause painful chafing, rubbing, blisters & skin injuries

GlideWear is a revolutionary performance textile that uses patented technology to reduce the friction and shear that cause painful friction, chafing, and rubbing in athletes. Companies add GlideWear to existing products and use it to create new ones. It’s great in products for runners, cyclists, hockey players, figure skaters, skiers, horseback riders, swimmers, and other athletes who experience chafing and other friction-related pain.

GlideWear’s friction-reducing technology can make your sports products even better. Great for:

  • Running
  • Cycling
  • Hockey
  • Skiing
  • Swimming
  • Skiing
  • Horseback riding
GlideWear Heel and Ankle Protector Sock

Friction-reducing sock made with GlideWear protects athletes’ heels and ankles form injury

The Rub

Even with the best products, serious athletes can experience rubbing and chafing – which makes it painful for them to stay active.

Runners chafe under their arms, on their chests, and on their thighs. Skiers chafe on their shins. Cyclists and horseback riders get saddle sores. Swimmers chafe on their armpits and shoulders. Hockey players chafe on their ankles and legs.

The Solution for Sports Companies

GlideWear is a dual-layer, breathable fabric that glides smoothly against itself, absorbing friction and shear and protecting skin. Shear happens when the top layer of skin is pulled one way and lower layers are pulled the opposite direction. If ignored, friction and shear can cause injury – and put athletes on the sidelines.

When it’s sewn in strategic locations on athletic apparel and equipment, GlideWear significantly reduces the friction and shear that cause painful chafing, rubbing, and sores. It can also reduce wear and make your products last longer. Companies that use GlideWear for their products have happy, active customers.

What People Are Saying About GlideWear

“My GlideWear bike seat cover has eliminated the discomfort and made biking enjoyable again.” — Paul Settle, Recreational Biker

“GlideWear reduces the pain associated with advanced knee braces, thereby elevating the athlete’s performance and extending workout duration.” — Ed Koullick, PhD, Sporting Goods Researcher

“Wearing the GlideWear sock in my skate, it was more comfortable, and my heel was able to pivot and rotate without any pain.” — P.M., avid ice skater suffering from heel pain during skating routine

Why It Works

GlideWear is a dual-layer, breathable performance textile that glides smoothly against itself, absorbing friction and protecting skin. When it’s sewn in strategic locations on athletic apparel and equipment, GlideWear significantly reduces friction. GlideWear:

  • Reduces the friction that causes chafing and rubbing
  • Machine washable
  • Breathable
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to add to existing products
  • Uses patented technology
  • Made in the USA

Make Your Products Even Better

Adding GlideWear to a targeted area can make your product even better. Do you make hockey skates? Add GlideWear to the ankle or heel area to reduce friction-related rubbing, or to the tongue for skate bite. Do you make ski boots? Add GlideWear inside to reduce shin bang and shine bite. Do you make cycling clothing? Add GlideWear to reduce the friction that contributes to saddle sores.

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About GlideWear

GlideWear is an ultra-low-friction interface material used widely in sporting goods and medtech applications. GlideWear is a product of Tamarack Habilitation Technologies, an ISO 13485 certified technology innovator in St. Paul, Minnesota. Tamarack is dedicated to manufacturing innovative, effective, and durable solutions to provide and restore mobility and comfort for our customers. GlideWear is available for custom manufacturing. Since GlideWear is a patented technology, once a manufacturer is past the prototyping phase and before it uses GlideWear in a commercially available product, a licensing agreement must be executed.

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