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GlideWear for Manufacturing & Product Development

An Ultra Low Friction Solution for Your Medical & Sports Products


GlideWear is an ultra-low-friction fabric, widely used in sports and medical applications, that protects skin from the friction and shear that cause injuries, chafing, and rubbing.

How Does GlideWear Work?

GlideWear is a dual-layer fabric that glides smoothly against itself, absorbing friction and shear and protecting skin. Shear happens when the top layer of skin is pulled one way and lower layers are pulled the opposite direction. Friction happens when the skin meets resistance as it moves across a surface.

When integrated in strategic locations within medical and sports products, GlideWear technology reduces harmful friction and shear forces, protecting the user from painful rubbing, chafing, blisters, wounds, and sores. GlideWear keeps stability and control where it is needed, while eliminating pain-causing friction in strategic areas.

GlideWear for Sports

Edge out the competition with GlideWear’s ultra-low-friction technology

Don’t let friction-related injuries keep your customers on the sidelines. Even with the best products, serious athletes can experience rubbing, chafing, and even open sores – which make it painful for them to stay active. Repetitive friction sets athletes skin up for injuries, and moisture, perspiration, and heat make it worse. Now your company can offer a lasting solution to your customers.

“My GlideWear bike seat cover has eliminated the discomfort and made biking enjoyable again.” — Paul Settle, Recreational Biker

A Lasting Solution for Your Customers

Adding GlideWear to a targeted area can reduce friction, make your product even better, and address issues like:

  • Chafing
  • Blisters
  • Rubbing
  • Saddle Sores
  • Nipple chafing & fissure

“GlideWear reduces the pain associated with advanced knee braces, thereby elevating the athlete’s performance and extending workout duration.” — Ed Koullick, PhD, Sporting Goods Researcher

Examples of Products Made Using GlideWear

MIPS-E3 Helmet Liner
MIPS-E3 Helmet Liner
Comfort Company Wheelchair Cushion
Comfort Company Wheelchair Cushion
Jobskin Burn Compression Garment
Jobskin Burn Compression Garment

GlideWear for Medical Applications

Protect At-Risk Skin from Blisters, Ulcers, Sores, & Pressure Injuries. Preserve Dressings & Biologics.

Adding GlideWear to your product will reduce friction and shear, which can cause pressure ulcers, discomfort from braces, foot ulcers, blisters and other friction- and shear-related injuries. It can also keep dressings and biologics in place, increasing their efficacy.

“A low friction patch in the total contact cast [for diabetic foot ulcers] is a logical next step to improve this gold standard approach. The patch can also be incorporated into an offloading walker boot to avoid wound recurrence.” — Dr. Troy Boffeli, DPM, HealthPartners

GlideWear is ideal for addressing:

  • Sores or redness from prostheses and orthoses
  • Rubbing from medical braces
  • Blisters and pain on sensitive skin due to burns, epidermolysis bullosa, or other skin conditions
  • Pressure ulcers and injuries
  • Diabetic foot ulcers (total contact case and offloading walker boot)
  • Post-mastectomy rubbing or chafing
  • Dressings that migrate and won’t stay in place

“GlideWear socks reduce friction and shear so well, that our staff call them Magic Socks.”
Julie A. Thurn-Favilla, RN, Corporate Director of SNF Clinical Practice, Augustana Care


A GlideWear Low Friction Patch reduces shear, protects skin & keeps dressings in place in the total contact cast

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Prototyping Made Easy

Tamarack Habilitation Technologies, Inc., the manufacturer of GlideWear, offers support with prototyping as you determine the best use of GlideWear in your products. If you have an idea, let us know and we’ll work with you to make it a reality. Since GlideWear is a patented technology, once a manufacturer is past the prototyping phase and before it uses GlideWear in a commercially available product, a licensing agreement must be executed.

About GlideWear

GlideWear is a patented, ultra low friction textile manufactured in the USA by Tamarack Habilitation Technologies, a medical technology innovator based in Minnesota.

Download the GlideWear for Manufacturing Brochure

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Brands that Use GlideWear Fabric

Comfort Company

GlideWear Ultra Low Friction Fabric:

  • Easy to integrate into existing products
  • Clinically effective skin protection technology
  • FDA Class I Medical Device
  • Patented, friction-reducing technology
  • Cool, comfortable, and machine washable
  • Reduces friction and shear without sacrificing stability
  • A very low coefficient of friction (µ=0.2)
  • Widely used in medical, apparel, and sports applications
  • Significant reduction in pain caused by repeat friction
  • Feels wonderful to the touch


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