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GlideWear uses a patented technology to protect skin from pressure ulcers, rubbing, pain, and injuries. To understand how it works, let’s first take a look at what causes pressure ulcers (commonly referred to as bedsores). Then we’ll dive into the mechanics of how GlideWear protects the skin.

What Causes Pressure Ulcers?

Contrary to popular belief — and insufficient terminology — pressure is just one of many factors that causes pressure ulcers.

According to the National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel, a pressure ulcer is “a localized injury to the skin and/or underlying tissue usually over a bony prominence, as a result of pressure, or pressure in combination with shear. A number of contributing or confounding factors are also associated with pressure ulcers.” Two of those contributing factors are heat and moisture, which can quickly make a skin injury much worse.

In other words, pressure ulcers are caused by pressure, friction (skin rubbing against a high friction surface or material), shear (skin being pulled in two directions at once), heat, and moisture.

How Does GlideWear Protect Skin from Pressure Ulcers?

Traditional smooth, single-layer fabrics don’t prevent pressure ulcers because they are often loose-fitting (and the fabric can bunch up, exacerbating the sore) or too clingy (which can pull on the user’s skin).

GlideWear is a dual-layer, low-friction fabric that absorbs friction and shear forces between its two fabric layers. GlideWear garments are tight-fitting, which prevents bunching and rubbing, but the dual-layer fabric allows the skin to glide comfortably when the user moves. By absorbing those potentially harmful friction and shear forces, GlideWear protects against skin breakdown and pressure ulcers.

GlideWear fabric is used in strategic, targeted locations within apparel and medical devices. In the case of the GlideWear Wheelchair Cushion Cover, for example, GlideWear fabric is located strategically toward the back of the cushion — not on the entire cover — to prevent damaging friction & shear in non-problem areas, while maintaining stability for positioning and propulsion.

GlideWear Helps Heal Pressure Ulcers

In addition to reducing friction and shear, GlideWear fabric is also breathable. By allowing moisture and temperature to dissipate away from the skin, GlideWear technology helps to prevent maceration and dermatitis. If a user is incontinent, GlideWear Undershorts can be worn directly over incontinence briefs to help protect the skin from developing a pressure ulcer.

How is GlideWear Used?

GlideWear is used in a variety of products, apparel, and medical devices, including:

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