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In an effort to continuously improve our products and the experience that customers have with them, Tamarack Habilitation Technologies is happy to announce that our GlideFree low friction transfer board tape is now available in 5 yard rolls. 

What is GlideFree?

Featuring an ultra-thin low friction film and self-adhesive backing, GlideFree Transfer Board Tape is designed to make sliding transfers between two surfaces easier for wheelchair users and caregivers. By reducing friction between the user and the transfer board surface, less energy is required for the transfer and less shear stress is applied to skin tissue; reducing the risk of breakdown as a result.

GlideFree Tape Evolution (2009 to current)

First introduced in 2009 in 1 inch x 34 inch tape segments (5 per package), GlideFree tape has risen significantly in popularity in recent years as a simple solution for making sliding transfers easier while protecting sensitive skin. Although the pre-cut tape strips are still available, the new 5 yard rolls provide users with an easier installation experience; eliminating the difficult-to-peel protective backing and ensuring proper tension is placed on the tape as it’s unrolled across the board.

One Product. Many Uses

While GlideFree Tape was originally developed for sliding transfer boards, there are numerous other appropriate uses for the low friction, self-adhesive tape, including commodes, shower chairs, and bath benches. As long as the tape is applied to a thoroughly cleaned & dry surface, it can be used for both wet and dry transfers.

Order Online

GlideFree Transfer Board Tape can be ordered online and shipped across the USA along with select international regions. Order now at


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