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One of the frequent questions we receive from amputees and Prosthetists about using the GlideWear® Prosthetic Liner Patch is, “how do I hold it in place while donning the prosthetic liner“.  This article will shed some light on a great skin-safe adhesive solution to ensure effective and frustration-free placement of the GlideWear Prosthetic Liner Patch. Although a little […]

The prosthetist-recommended GlideWear Prosthetic Liner Patch is widely used by amputees worldwide. GlideWear is a patented, ultra low friction fabric technology. If you are experiencing friction/shear-induced pain, redness, soreness, or rubbing on your residual limb then the Liner Patch can be used in conjunction with your prosthetic liner.  If you have questions about how to use […]

You asked for a video demonstrating how to use the GlideWear Prosthetic Brim Sheath for above-knee amputees, and we listened. In this video, Charles Kuffel, MSM, CPO, FAAOP at Arise Orthotics and Prosthetics, explains to his client, Pete, how to properly install and use the GlideWear Prosthetic Brim Sheath. You’ll learn everything you need to know […]