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Bedsore Protection Undershorts

Left untreated, bedsores can lead to months of bed rest and even hospitalization. GlideWear Undershorts use a patented technology to protect skin and reduce the friction that causes pressure ulcers. The low-friction zone at the back of GlideWear Undershorts (black fabric) prevents the skin breakdown that leads to bedsores.


from painful bedsores, pressure ulcers, and redness caused by prolonged sitting in wheelchairs, surgery recovery, or extended bed stay.


Silk-like, breathable fabric prevents moisture and heat buildup against the skin. Patented technology reduces friction and protects skin. Made with pride in the USA from 50% Cotton, 40% Nylon, 10% Spandex (latex-free).


Put them on and take them off as you would any other undergarment. Designed so that a paraplegic can easily put them on and taken them off without assistance. Caregivers and healthcare providers can easily get them on and off patients.


Designed for wheelchair users, people with spinal cord injury, people recovering from surgery, and bed-bound seniors. Also great for people who have had flap surgery for decubitus ulcers.


High-quality Undershorts are made in the USA — and made to last. They are easy to care for. Just toss them in the wash with your other laundry. Each package contains ONE pair of Undershorts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are GlideWear Undershorts right for me?

GlideWear Undershorts are for you if:

  • You’re a caregiver for a loved one who is elderly or has limited mobility and spends much of the day in bed, sitting, or in a wheelchair.
  • You’re recovering from surgery and temporarily bed-bound.
  • You’re a wheelchair user who experiences redness, pain, or bedsores on your buttocks or tailbone area.
  • You work in a hospital, wound care unit, hospice, or long-term care facility and have patients at risk for developing pressure ulcers.

Can they be worn with a diaper?

Absolutely. People with incontinence-related dermatitis can wear GlideWear Undershorts on the outside of an incontinence brief or diaper without losing any of the benefit associated with GlideWear. The Undershorts will still be very effective at preventing skin breakdown and bedsores.

Which size should I order?

Consult the size charts below to find the size that’s right for you. The legs are meant to fit tight so they don’t bunch up. If the Undershorts feel too tight around your legs, simply stretch the fabric for the perfect fit.

Is it really worth it?

A single bedsore can take months to heal. That’s why it’s important to catch it early. When you buy GlideWear Undershorts, you’re not just buying a pair of underwear. You’re buying a medical tool that can help you prevent a painful, debilitating bedsore. People who have had one pressure ulcer are at risk for developing another. And as people age, their skin and circulation become less resilient- increasing the risk of bedsores. Invest in comfort and prevention. Invest in GlideWear Undershorts and nip bedsores in the bud.

How many Undershorts come in each package?

Each package contains one pair of GlideWear Undershorts.

I have a catheter. Can I still wear the GlideWear Undershorts?

Due to the numerous catheter options on the market today, we have not determined the optimal placement of a catheter access “fly” on our current design. We hope to incorporate this option in future designs. If you’d like to be contacted when additional GlideWear Undershorts options becomes available, please contact us by email.

Is a women’s design available?

Our current batch of GlideWear® Undershorts are not gender specific, and don’t feature a men’s fly. We are currently working on a women’s design and expect it to be available Fall 2016. If you’d like to be contacted when additional GlideWear Undershort options becomes available, please contact us by email.

Will the slippery fabric cause instability in my wheelchair?

No, we specifically developed the GlideWear Undershorts with wheelchair users in mind. While the fabric underneath the pelvis does allow “micro-slippage” between the fabric layers, the fabric around and underneath the thighs is a non-slippery material. This ensures the user retains proper positioning and comfort while in a seated or horizontal position.